International Conference on

Optical and Photonic Engineering

08 - 11 May 2018 Shanghai, China

International Conference on

Optical and Photonic Engineering

08 - 11 May 2018 Shanghai, China

ORBBEC 3-D Sensor Application Design Competition

“奥比中光”3D传感器创新开发和应用大赛 (中文页面)

In order to provide an innovative development platform for students, researchers, technicians and engineers, also to arouse public interests to optical engineering, and to enrich the content and form of icOPEN 2018, the "ORBBEC 3-D Sensor Application Design Competition" will be held for icOPEN 2018. We sincerely welcome all scholars to the relevant fields to participate this great event. The details of the contest are as follows:

I.  Purpose

1. To promote the innovation and development of optical engineering and sensor technology.

2. To advocate innovative thinking, to encourage original, pioneering spirit, and to promote
innovative talent training.

3. To promote scientific and technological cooperation and innovation, and to promote the
transformation from research to product and reach the integration between industry and research.


II.  Requirements

1. The work must be original, novel, matching to the topic. The specific requirements as described
in section III.

2. Worldwide undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, technicians and engineers are
all welcomed to participate.

3. For better brain storming, it is recommended to form a 3-5 people team to join the competition.


III.  Requirements of the Work

1. The work should match the topic of "3D sensor innovative development and application"
Suggested designs are : Robotic vision, SLAM (simultaneous positioning and mapping), Virtual
reality, Augmented reality, Body sense games, 3D scanning and measuring, Face recognition,
Action capture, and etc.

2. The work requires using the Astra type 3D sensors provided by Shenzhen ORBBEC Technology
Co., Ltd. for the design of the competition.

3. The work needs to be oral presented with PPT slides and demonstrated on site. The
presentation should contain the basic idea, the plan, the development or the
application result, the application foreground and etc. of the design.

4. If the presenter has special needs for the site, he/she has to inform the organizer in advance to set
up for the special requirement.

5. The Astra type 3D sensors can be purchased from ORBBEC Technology Co., Ltd. with
discount rate (1000 RMB/set) or can be rent from the company for free. Deposit (499RMB/set)
has to be paid for renting. The deposit will be refund after returning the equipment back to
the company. Please read the detail instruction of how to get the equipment (click to read).

6. The copyright of the work belongs to the team.

7. The results of the competition will be announced for the first time during icOEPN 2018. The
winning team representatives will deliver their acceptance speech at the ceremony.


IV.  Entry Process

Phase I (before 2017.1.15): Turn in application forms, contact the staff and inform the number of 3D sensors planned for purchase or rent.

Phase II (before 2018.3.15): Feedback progress form, including name of the design, brief introduction of the design, any special need for the presentation and etc..

Phase III (before 2018.4.20): Send the report of the design to the organizing committee. The members of the technical committee will review the submission and give feedbacks.

Phase IV (on 2018.5.8): On-site demonstration and oral presentation of the design. The award-winning design will be announced during the dinner banquet of icOPEN 2018.


V.  Awards

1.      Winning certification

2.      Scholarship


Number of Winner


Grand Prize



First Prize



Second Prize



Third Prize



Creativity Award










VI.  Application Method

Please download the application form (click to download), fill the form out and send it to the following contact person.


VII.  Contact

For application submission or related question, please contact:

Mr. Shijie Feng



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