International Conference on

Optical and Photonic Engineering

16 - 20 July 2019 Phuket, Thailand

International Conference on

Optical and Photonic Engineering

16 - 20 July 2019 Phuket, Thailand


News: The photos of icOPEN 2019 can be viewed and download here (click to view). Thank you for your support to icOPEN 2019, see you in icOPEN 2020!

icOPEN 2019 会议已圆满举行,会议照片已上传百度网盘 点击访问 (提取码:otsg )。感谢您对本届会议的大力支持,2020年我们镇江见!

Optical and Photonic Engineering


Welcome to icOPEN 2019!

The International Conference on Optical and Photonic Engineering (icOPEN) is the flagship event of the Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore (OPSS). Since its inception in 2011, the conference has grown by leaps and bounds, so much so that the conference is now an annual fixture in Optical and Photonic Engineering calendar. Traditionally the event alternates between Singapore and China but with the emergence of our ASEAN neighbours, the icOPEN2019 will be held not in Singapore but in Thailand. Indeed the icOPEN2019 will propel the newly minted ASEAN Commission on Optics and Photonics (ACOP) to become a strong regional player in this community.

Phuket, Thailand has long been known for its idyllic beaches and wonderful cuisine. Furthermore with its ease of access from most international destination, it is growing as a hub for academic and research conferences. We envisage that this event would be a good confluence of technical advances and friendly exchanges in the sun and sand.

On behalf of the ACOP member countries, the Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore (OPSS) would like to welcome you to this global conference to share your ideas and experience and enjoy the company of new and old friends.


icOPEN 2019 conference proceedings will be published by SPIE, which will be included in SPIE Digital Library, provided to the Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Science, Scopus, Ei Compendex, and others, to ensure maximum awareness of the Proceedings.


The primary focus of the conference is on new and original research results in the areas of theoretical findings, design, implementation and applications. Both theoretical paper and simulation (experimental) results are welcome. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:(If you want to join the special session, please read the special session announcement before submission click here to read .)

General Session Topics

  • 3D Computer Vision
  • 3D Image Acquisition and Display
  • Biomedical Optics and Imaging
  • Diffractive and Freeform Optics
  • Digital Holography and Quantitative Phase Imaging
  • Fiber Optics and Sensing Technology
  • High Resolution Optical Metrology
  • Image Processing and Deep Learning
  • Information-rich Metrology
  • Laser Micro-nano Processing and Patterning
  • Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection
  • Optical component and System Simulation
  • Optical Functional Materials and Devices
  • Optical Art
  • Photomechanics
  • Terahertz Science and Technology
  • Ultrafast Lasers and Applications

Special Session Topics

  • Laser Interferometry
  • Advances in Digital Holography Techniques
  • High-accuracy Optical Deformation Measurement of Large Engineering Structures
  • Optical Imaging and Machine Vision
  • 2D-/Stereo-/Volumetric Digital Image Correlation and their Applications
  • Non-destructive Evaluation and Testing
  • Optics Art
  • Optical Fabrication and Testing
  • Intelligent 3D Imaging and Computing
  • Deformation and Shape Measurement
  • High-speed 3D Metrology
  • Advanced Optical Profilometry
  • Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics
  • Information-rich Metrology
  • Deflectometry
  • Coherent and Incoherent Biophase Imaging
  • Micro/Nano Optics and Materials

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline

March 15, 2019
Extended to April 5, 2019

Notification Date

April 15, 2019

Early Bird Registration Deadline

May 15, 2019

Full Paper Submission Deadline

May 31, 2019

Final Registration Deadline

June 15, 2019


Participant needs to submit the abstract before the deadline first. After the abstract passed the review, if you wish to publish your paper, please submit the full paper of the same abstract before the deadline. Full paper review result will be sent to you 2 weeks later.

Only the accepted full papers will be published on the conference proceedings and indexed. Submission requirements and methods can be found on the Submission Page. Please strictly follow the instruction and template when submitting your manuscript.

Plenary Speakers (More details)

Juergen Czarske

TU Dresden, Germany

Chunlei Guo

University of Rochester, USA

Satoru Yoneyama

Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan

Jianlin Zhao

Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Keynote Speakers (More details)

Xiaoyuan He

Southeast University, China

Xide Li

Tsinghua University, China

Yingjie Yu

Shanghai University, China

Ying Luo

Jiangsu University, China

Lei Zhou

Fudan University, China

Xuming Zhang

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

Huijie Zhao

Beihang University, China

Chao Zuo

Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Yukitoshi Otani

Utsunomiya University, Japan

Yasushi Niitsu

Tokyo Denki University, Japan

Motoharu Fujigaki

University of Fukui, Japan

Yang Zhao

University of Science and Technology of China, China

Xiangzhao Wang

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, China

Invited Speakers (More details)

Xiangchao Zhang

Fudan University, China

Bing Pan

Beihang University, China

Shaopeng Ma

Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Feng Gao

University of Huddersfield, UK

Shien Ri

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

Fei Su

Beihang University, China

Yidong Tan

Tsinghua University, China

Zhihui Chen

Taiyuan University of Technology, China

Maria Cywińska

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Dongsheng Zhang

Shanghai University, China

Baoli Yao

Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, CAS, China

Shijie Feng

Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Yong Li

Zhejiang Normal University, China

Haixia Wang

Zhejiang University of Technology, China

Peng Gao

Xidian University, China

Wenlong Li

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Yongmao Pei

Peking University, China

Jianguo Zhu

Jiangsu University, China

Xiang Guo

Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

Fanxiu Chen

Qingdao University of Technology, China

Xingxin Shao

Southeast University, China

Jing Xu

Tsinghua University, China

Lei Lu

Henan University of Technology, China

Guanhao Wu

Tsinghua University, China

Yajun Wang

Wuhan University, China

Bin Chen

Beihang University, China

Shuming Yang

Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Yang Yu

Taylor Hobson Ltd., UK

Yongjun Xie

Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, CAS, China

Piotr Zdankowski

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Xiaopeng Shao

Xidian University, China

Ziji Liu

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Wei Qiu

Tianjin University, China

Sikun Li

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS, China

Wenjiang Guo

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

Tao Li

Nanjing University, China

Yang Wang

Shanxi University, China

Liangcai Cao

Tsinghua University, China

Zhenyu Jiang

South China University of Technology, China

Jiasong Sun

Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China

Caojin Yuan

NanJing Normal University, China

Chunwei Zhang

Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Zhiqin Li

BMF Precision Technology Co,Ltd., China

Yongliang Xiao

Xiangtan University, China

Huimin Yue

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

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