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Presentation Guide

Oral Presentation

Sildes Template:

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1. Duration of presentation: Plenary-45 mins(including Q&A), Invited & Keynote - 20 mins (including Q&A), Normal Oral Presentation-15 mins (including Q&A).

2. Speakers are required to adhere strictly to the above allocated presentation time allowance.

3. Please be at your presentation room during the break to test your slides with the laptop and AV systems for compatibility. The organizers will provide the laptops, pointers, microphones and AV systems (HDMI cable) for the presentation.

4. Speakers should report to the room of their presentation at least 10 minutes before the start of the session to meet the session chair.

5. All PowerPoint presentation slides must be in the 16:9 ratio format. We strongly suggest you to prepare your slides based on the template shown above. 6. There will be staffs in each session room. If you have any question or technical issue, please find and ask them for help.

Poster Presentation

Poster Template:

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1. Please prepare your poster based on the above template and submit your poster before 05-Nov-2024. The poster size is A0 (841mm × 1189mm).

2. The conference organizer will print and mount your poster on the poster section of the right poster board only if you submit your poster before the deadline. The location and corresponding board of your poster can be found in the program book.

3. Please standby at poster area during the coffee break time for any Q&A.

4. If you want to recycle your poster, please tear it down only after your poster session ends.

5. If you have any question, please ask the staff at the registration desk for help.