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  • +86-19136140052
  • Secretary: Vivian Lee


1. Registration Rate

*To apply for OPSS membership please visit (Google server website, VPN may be needed for mailand China users)http://www.opssg.org/about-opss/join-opss

2. Registration Method

Only online registration with online payment, credit card and bank transfer is available. Please fill out the registration form below and pay the fee as instructed. Conference secretary will check your form and payment. Email notification about the registration will be sent after confirmation.

Registration link: https://iconf.young.ac.cn/WOyxi

3. Registration Note

1. For each accepted conference paper, at least one of the authors must finish the registration before November 01, 2024 (UTC/GMT +8.00).

2. If an author has more than one accepted paper, he/she can make an extra conference paper registration with only the same attendee.

3. Full-time students (graduate and undergraduate) are required to present valid student identification when they pick up their registration materials. Postdoctoral Fellow cannot register as a student.

4. Papers not registered will not be included in the conference proceedings. Double check your paper ID and paper title to make sure that they are the same as shown on the acceptance letter when filling out the registration form.

5. Full registrations include all access to conference events and lunches, coffee breaks, banquet.

6. Receipt (international receipt or VAT invoice) will be sent to you after the registration.

4. Refund Policy

• Applying for a refund 30 days before the conference charges no handling fee;
• Apply for a refund 15 to 30 days (inclusive) before the conference charges 30% of the total amount as handling fee when refund;
• Apply for a refund 7 to 15 days (inclusive) before the conference charges 50% of the total amount as handling fee when refund;
• Registration fee can not be refund within 7 days prior to the conference.

* After the refund application is approved, the electronic invoice issued will be invalidated and should not be used. Refunds will be processed after the conference, and a conference fee invoice will be issued as the handling fee.